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How to backup your important data when pendrive infected with virus

Nowadays many people have some major issue with pen drive viruses which cause various troubles on your computer. Now you would be thinking how can you back up data from a virus infected pen drive before reformatting it. If you insert you pen drive on your computer it may infect your computer also. Here are solutions for you need to follow few simple steps for that which is as follows. Also you can use the effective pen drive virus removal software to get rid the viruses in you pen drive easily and quickly.

There are two ways to back up the files and folders:

Method 1:

  a. Open My Computer and Right click on the Removable pen drive.

  b. Select Properties and then Tools.

  c. Click Next and Select Let me choose what to back up and next

  d. Choose the file to back up from your removable pen drive and next

  e. Finally choose the Destination path where you want to store your back up files.

Method 2:

  a. Insert your pen drive into the USB port, if it detects your drive you will see it in my computer.

  b. Now don’t double click on your drive, rather open the pen driver contents by typing the drive letter. For Example: type g: and press enter if your pen drive is shown as new g drive under my computer.

  c. Copy your important files from your pen drive close the window and format your pen drive after then.

Recover data in pendrive easily and quickly if they were corrupted by virus.

if your pendrive got infected with viruses, documents and photos in it may be corrupted or hided by viruses, manual recovery of data is difficult, USB Virus Scan can help you get your important data back easily and quickly.

  a. Download and install USB Virus Scan

  b. Launch USB Virus Scan and insert pendrive into computer

  c. Removal of virus and recovery of data in your pendrive will be done automatically at the same time.

USB Virus Scan will scan and delete virus in your pen drive, at the same time, it will check whether documents and photos in pen were corrupted by viruses, if so, USB Virus Scan will try to recover them automatically and open your pen driver safely.


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