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Pen drive infected with viruses?

  Pen drives and USB disk are very useful portable storage devices which are very commonly used for transporting computer data from one computer to another. But, as the storage device is so common and easily used, the percentage of the flash drive being infected by viruses has also increased. The Pen drive can be infected with a virus if you save a virus-infected file to the flash drive or if you use the pen drive with a virus-infected computer. A virus-infected drive can then infect any other computer you might use with the drive. Once plug a virus-infected drive in any system, the system will be spreading virus.
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How to remove virus in pen drive manually?

Note: Manual removal of pen drive viruses may be difficult, as the removal process requires knowledge of the operating system command prompt. In addition, different versions of this malware rename and relocate various file components. If not performed properly, your system and data in pendrive might experience permanent damage. we highly recommend you use a good virus remover to automatically detect and remove virus on pen drives.

  1. Insert your pen drive into USB port on your computer. If a dialog box displays as bellow, select "cancel". Also do not double-click on the drive icon to open the drive.
  2. Click on "Start," "Run"; type "cmd" and press "Enter" to open the command prompt window. Type the drive letter, for example, "M" followed by a colon (":"), and press "Enter" at the command prompt to open the root directory of the drive.
  3. Type "dir/w/o/a/p" and press "Enter" to display a list of files and folders present on the flash drive. Note the existence of any of the following in particular: Autorun.inf, New Folder.exe, Ravmon.exe, New_Folder.exe, svchost.exe.
  4. Delete each of the files that have been unprotected by typing "del", pressing the space bar and typing the file name, for example, "del autorun.inf".
The instructions above is the removal method for some common viruses in pen drive and USB flash disk,  if you fail to delete virus in pen drive through command prompt, try the effective virus removal tool.

The most effective pen drive virus removal antivirus.

USB Virus Scan is an special antivirus for pen drive, it provide full protection for your computer when inserting an virus-infected pen drive, with it, you can remove viruses/worms from pendrive easily without spoiling any files in pendrives. Also it can protect your pen drive from virus infection.
  1. Free Download Pen Virus Detector and Scanner
  2. Launch it after finishing the installation, you will see the virus detection wizard:
   pen virus detection wizard

  3. Click “Next” button, and insert your pen drive or USB disk into computer, USB Virus Scanner will execute fully check of the drive and remove pen virus on it.
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  4. USB Virus Scan can also scan your computer to check whether it is infected
   with the pen driver viruses.
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Why viruses still in pen drive after removal even formatting the pendrive.

  When you plug the virus-infected pen drive to computer, the antivirus may prompt 'virus found and deleted in pen drive, but the next time your connected the pen drive, the antivirus prompt again, even reformatting it, the viruses still there.
  if suspicious files such as Newfolder.exe, autorun.inf, amvo.exe appear again and again, that means your computer has infected by viruses from pen drive. The viruses in system will copy themselves to the any USB drives connected to the USB port.
  Therefore, you must clean pen drive virus in your system first, otherwise virus in pendrive could not be removed completely.

   USB Virus Scan can help you to remove virus via pen drive in your computer easily and quickly.
  Step1- Install and launch USB Virus Scan
  Step2- Click the Start button
  Step3- Detection and removal of pen drive virus in local drives and memory will be done automatically.

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