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It 's easy for you to remove the flash drive virus

  USB Virus Scanner  Features:

   1. Remove viruses on flash drive permanently without corrupting data

   2. Heal the system which infected with virus from USB flash drive

   3. Provide 100% protection against worm from USB drive

   4. Immune USB drive to prevent infection again

   5. Fix errors caused by flash drive virus

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virus form USB flash drive

 1. How your flash drive infected by virus?

  USB flash drives and disk are so popular and generally get used to move data between multiple systems frequently. Even though flash drives are very useful, they are potential breeding ground for viruses. When you insert your USB into the computer which has infected by the new kind of virus named 'Autorun Virus', it will copy itself to the drive. What is worse, if you plug the infected USB drive into your computer, the flash drive virus will spread through your computer.


 2. Why your antivirus unable to get rid of the flash drive viruses?

  As the major antivirus product based on definition database , when new viruses, worms and other malicious attacks strike, traditional signatures are insufficient, they could not even detect the virus on USB flash drive or USB flash disk. Always they told you threat found in flash drive, but never can remove the virus completely. Of course, removal of usb virus is not easy by manual.


 3. Why re-formatting the USB is useless, the threat comes back again?

  If this happen, that means your computer has also been infected by USB key virus, it monitors the USB port of computer at any time , once the USB storage device such as pen drive,USB disk, iPod inserted to computer, the virus will copy itself onto the USB drive, so that it can infect the next computer connected with the flash drive.
  What you should do first is find out the virus in the memory and hard disk of computer, and get rid of them, and then formatting the USB drive to clean the virus on it.

 4. What USB Virus Scanner can do?

  USB Virus Scanner use proactive behavioral detection combining with definition-based scan, it can detect almost all new kinds of USB flash drives virus: it has the ability to infect USB flash drive. USB Virus Scanner provide fully protection against worm from USB:
  1. Indepth scan of USB flash drive and computer to remove all the virus in it.
  2. Automatically check any USB drives inserted to computer before open it, block any viruses/worms/trojans from USB port.
  3. Repair system&Registry errors caused by flash drives and USB disk virus
  4. Immune your USB drive and removable disk, protect them from infecting again.

 5. Remove USB drive virus permanently in 4 steps
  1. Free Download the USB Virus Scanner
  2. Launch it after finishing the installation
  3. Click “Next” button in the viruses detection wizard
  4. Plug your infected USB flash disk or USB drive into computer
      USB Virus Scanner will finish the detection and removing of flash drive virus automatically.
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