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USB Virus Scanner and Removal Tool for USB drive

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   Product Features:

  • 1. Remove virus from USB drive permanently without corrupting data
  • 2. Heal the system which infected with virus from USB drive
  • 3. Check USB drive before using and prevent virus infecting
  • 4. Fix errors caused by worm from pen drive and USB flash disk
  • 5. Compatible with major virus removal software


1. Permanently Remove virus & worm on USB drives without corrupting data in it

The current antivirus can not provide enough protection, they can't even detect the virus on USB key or only show the detection of virus again and again, but never remove the viruses/worms permanently. Manual removal of virus is more difficult.

Actually, virus/worm on USB drive is not easy to be removed, even if reformatting the USB drive, the viruses is still there.

USB Virus Scan is a virus scanner especially for USB drive, it use innovative proactive technology to detect and get removal of virus. Combining proactive behavioral detection with definition-based scan, USB Virus Scanner delete virus on USB flash drive and disk easily and quickly, what' s more: all the USB virus removal will not corrupt data in USB drive, all files and documents are safe. if files and folder are hided by viruses, USB Virus Scanner can also recover them automatically.

2. Scan and execute removal of virus in computer from USB drive

Once connect the virus infected USB drive to the computer, such as ipod, pen drive, the computer would also be infected with the USB virus, from then on, any clean USB drive inserted into the computer will get infected, the virus will copy itself onto the pendrive or flash disk.

USB Virus Removal Tool not only scan the USB flash drive virus, but also has the ability to scan and remove the worm in your computer, the USB virus removal is easy and quick for you while using USB Virus Scanner and Remover.

3. Heal the Registry errors caused by virus from USB drive

The USB worm will always cause registry errors, such as:
  1. Folder option is missing or disabled;
  2. Can't open USB drive with double clicking;
  3. File association corrupt;
  4. Task manager disabled;
  5. Delete files on USB drive;
 With the system restore function of USB Virus Scanner, all the errors could be fixed by one click.

4. Automatically scan USB drive before opening it and remove USB virus

Once installing USB Virus Scanner on computer, your system wouldn't be infected with virus/worm/trojan from flash drive any more.

USB Virus Scanner and detector provide 100% protection for USB key, any USB key inserted into computer, USB Virus Scanner will check the files in it before you open the drive. All the removal of viruses will be done by USB Virus Scanner, none of virus will be ignored by the virus scanners. This can make your computer more safe when using USB key and flash disk.

USB flash disk, USB sticks, memory card, USB drive, SD card, iPod, iPhone, etc are supported.