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Registration Benefits:

  • √ Removing virus/trojan in USB drive and PC immediately
  • √ Recovering lost/hidden files and folders in USB drive
  • √ Protect USB drive and PC against virus attack
  • √ Premier online support
  • √ Fixing disk/registry errors caused by virus
  • √ 30 day Money back guarantee

License Type Quantity


Order Link

USB Virus Scan 1 Year Upgrade $39.95  $ paypal  

USB Virus Scan 2 Years Upgrade

$79.95  $

USB Virus Scan 3 Years Upgrade $119.95  $ paypal  
USB Virus Scan Lifetime Upgrade $199.95  $ paypal  

Order Online

  • When you place an order online with us, we use a third-party e-commerce service provided by Plimus. We do not keep credit card information as part of your product registration, your personal details will never be disclosed.

  • Once your order is accepted, your registration code will be sent to you immediately.

Volume Discount Prices


Price per user

2-5 PC licenses

20% Off

6-10 PC licenses 30% Off
11-30 PC licenses 40% Off
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