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Screenshots of USB Virus Scanner

If you suspect that your computer is infected with virus from flash drive, run an on-demand computer
scan to examine your computer for virus infections and remove the autorun.inf virus and folder virus.
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Process Manager provides information about programs and processes running on your computer.
You can find out the suspicious USB virus and trojan process easily and inquire information about the process.
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You can solve "Generic volume can't be stopped" problem easily by clicking the UnLock button.
USB Security option allow you to secure your USB drive, you can disable any usage of USB drives and set the USB port to read only to prevent theft of information in your computer.
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Disable the USB autorun facility of windows. To block most of the malicious programs infect USB drive.
'Acquire Immunity' create directories named AUTORUN.INF on your drives to disable USB autorun when it connected to computer.
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Very often, malicious programs modify registry, cause errors on system and USB drive, and stay in the temporary internet directory. FixSystem can fix the errors of registry and system and delete unnecessary files and malicious programs that stay in the temporary internet directory.
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Setup the alert window and auto start of USB Virus Scanner.
Setup the action when detecting virus on flash drive.
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Update the flash drive virus signature database and program components.
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