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How to remove usb virus in computer?


How dose your computer infect usb virus?

Once you inserting an USB memory stick which infected usb worms into computer,
and open the usb drive by double click or right click,your computer will get infected:
the virus will copy itself to the local disk and creates a hidden file called autorun.inf and other usb virus files usb virus in local drive to ensure a copy of the worm is run the next time you open the local drive and further spread itself. Even if you delete them manually, they always come back.Of course this threat does not only affect the USB flash drive but also other devices with a flash storage and a USB cable, e.g. mobile phone, PDA,ipod etc.
Sometimes you may unable open the local drive or usb drive,when you open the drive ,you will see "open with" dialog box as bellow:
open with box
It is because that there is residual virus in the root of the disk.
free downoad

How to remove usb virus in your computer?

It's almost impossible to remove usb virus manually since it protects itself in many ways,however that is very easy for USB Virus Scan to clean them. Just follow steps below:
First : Download USB Virus Scan and install it, execute the icon "USBScan"on the desktop.
Second : Click Scan button and wait for scan complete,it will detect and clean the virus in memory, disk.
Third : Restart your system.

All things will return to normal. Of course you can prevent the usb virus when usb flash drive plugged into PC before it infect your computer. To forestall is better than to amend.USB Virus Scan is an antivirus software for usb stick.
For more information about USB Virus Scan.

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